A Combination Of Chocolates And Lollipops
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A Combination Of Chocolates And Lollipops

Ganesh box
, tastefully decorated, 400gm ,38 pcs,
chocolates contains an assortment of our finest chocolates
pure truffles,
  • rum truffles,
  • almond rocks,
  • cashew rocks,
  • butterscotch,
  • strawberry,
  • mint,
  • orange truffles,
  • 10 lollipops in Mickey mouse,
  • Disney,
  • Winnie the Pooh characters.
       Nt. wt:  550 gm

About “Jus' Trufs”

“Jus Trufs” is the brand name representing a line of exquisite,
specially crafted, premium chocolate. We prefer to view ourselves
as Customised Chocolatiers and possibly India’s ultimate Specialty

Jus' Trufs : Exquisitely hand crafted chocolates made from the finest ingredients