Creative Hn505 Headphone
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The headphones keep coming in, and fast. After last week's Koss, now it's Creative that's sent in its noise cancellation gizmo, called the HN-505, for review. I hear this is a decent pair, but naturally we shan't take anyone's word for it; let's see for ourselves...

Design and Features
The supra-aural closed back unit is fairly lightweight and easy to carry, as it folds in compactly. The headband bears two joints for this folding action, and the top arc is quite thin, though not flimsy in any sense. Its a practical and ergonomic design; there's even an extra elastic band that bridges the joint and creates further grip once you wear the unit.

Black predominates, though the end of the band that joins the driver enclosures is a dark shade of electric blue. The rims are padded with the regular soft cushion, while a thin layer of foam covers the drivers. From experience I can tell you that even the best headphones are subject to wear and tear of this very material, so be ready for that.

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