Case-mate Mac Book 13 Macbook Handle - Black
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Carry your Notebook with Style & Ease

Ergonomic handles for your MacBook, MacBook Prohandleit by Case-Mate is a premium leather & aluminum handle crafted exclusively for Apple`s MacBook, MacBook Pro. It allows you to carry your notebook virtually anywhere with style and ease. Handleit doubles as a passive heat sink with fins, promoting better airflow. This allows your laptop to run cooler, maximizing it’s performance.

When the laptop sits on the desktop, the handleit converts into a stand. It’s ergonomic lift helps reduce Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Stress Injury commonly associated with extensive keyboard use. The handleit is attached via the original screws from your laptop. You simply remove the four screws with the screwdriver provided; position the handleit in place, and screw the screws back in.

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