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"Storrz is a Social Shopping Mall that allows you to Discover, Share and Shop Online."

So what is a Social Shopping Mall?

We ourselves spent numerous hours in the popular Shopping Malls in Bangalore and studied what is it that makes the malls such a condusive atmosphere for shopping and spending time. Was it the great combination of stores. Was it the infrastructure or what was it the movies. How were these malls able to provide consumers a great exprience everytime?

We learnt that Social interactions are at the core of Shopping Decisions. When we make purchases we are influenced by our friends, family and immediate social network. Some of these interactions are implicit while some are explicit where we take suggestions and opinions. Once we have decided what we want we look for a safe and reliable place to buy from. Storrz addresses this need by providing relavant social interactions in an online shopping mall while providing you that same quality of experience which ever shop you buy from.

The People Behind Storrz
Chandan Maruthi, CEO
An Alumini of BITS Pilani and PESIT Bangalore. Chandan spent 6 years with Wipro Technologies Ltd working with Fortune 5000 clients across the USA, Oslo, APAC. Chandan brings with him experinces in Sales, Technology and Management. Chandan works on strategic planning, business development and growth initiatives.

Pooran Prasad, CTO
A 3 times Microsoft Most Valued Professional, with over 8 years experience in product development. Pooran Graduated from the Nirma Labs School of Entreprenureship. Pooran was the CEO of the Zealous Solutions before joining the Storrz Team. Pooran is incharge of the Storrz Platform .

Manoj Sabudhi, Operations Manager
An MBA from Indian Business Acadamy Bangalore. Manoj has worked in core retail MNCs like Colgate, Subhiksha etc. Manoj manges operations and ensures that your orders flow smoothly.

Rakesh R, Corporate Sales Manager
Rakesh brings over 5 years of corporate sales experience. Rakesh handles merchant interactions and brings the brand stores that sell at Storrz.

JustOnDemand Technologied Pvt Ltd, Sr Product Engineer
One of the First Members of the Storrz team JustOnDemand Technologies Pvt Ltd is MCTS. JustOnDemand Technologies Pvt Ltd churns of some the coolest features that you find at storrz.

Joshan, Product Engineer
Joshan is a Product Engineer with a BE in E&C Engg. Joshan works on building the cool features in the storrz platform.

Sarath, Product Engineer
Sarath is a Product Engineer with a BE in Computer Science. Sarath works on building the storrz product. Sarath is also our UI guy and some of the graphics that you find here are his handy work .