Ginger Cookies 250 g
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Ginger Cookies aka "Lil Ging" or "Ginger"

For those who relish super crispy cookies, these cookies serve as an exciting treat full of ginger. Fine ginger powder and crystallized ginger make this cookie a special treat with a punchy taste.

Weight     :    250 g
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Cookie Man, launched in India in January 2000
by Australian Foods (I) Pvt. Ltd, is a premium
range of cookies made from secret recipes
refined over 50 years at an exclusive R&D centre
in Australia. With a Unique Selling Proposition of
fresh-baked cookies that touch perfection, these
cookies deliver on their promise by being of a
superior standard of quality across the world.
Furthermore these cookies contain no preservatives.
Today, Cookie Man is India's #1 brand of fresh baked
CookieMan Cookies : Freshly Baked Cookies
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