Assorted Cookies Tupperware 600 g
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Tupperware Pack

Cookieman presents a double whammy- a delicious
assortment of mouth-watering cookies in an economical
and incredibly durable Tupperware pack.

These packs come in two sizes, are airtight as well as
spill-proof and are the perfect addition to any household.

Weight     :   600 g
Packing    :   Tupperware
Size          :   Small
Delivery   :   1 Business Day on all purchases

Cookie Man, launched in India in January 2000 by
Australian Foods (I) Pvt. Ltd, is a premium range of
cookies made from secret recipes refined over 50 years
at an exclusive R&D centre in Australia. With a Unique
Selling Proposition of fresh-baked cookies that touch
perfection, these cookies deliver on their promise by
being of a superior standard of quality across the world.
Furthermore these cookies contain no preservatives.
Today, Cookie Man is India’s #1 brand of fresh baked
CookieMan Cookies : Freshly Baked Cookies
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